Herbal Sunburn Treatment – Lavender Oil

Lavender has properties that naturally sooth the skin. Abused skin that is tender and painful as a result of sun or wind burn will feel better when treated with lavender oil.

Easy and inexpensive to make, this oil stores well in your refrigerator, and is a cool and relaxing alternative to commercially available sunburn preparations. Don't confuse lavender oil (a blend) with essential oil of lavender (concentrated lavender essence). In its concentrated form, essential oil of lavender can be an irritant and should never come in direct contact with the skin. Use it as an ingredient, not alone.

Lavender Oil Recipe

To make a soothing lavender oil combine ½ cup of olive oil with 1/4 cup of white vinegar. Add 12 drops of essential oil of lavender to the mix. Shake well before using. Apply gently with a cotton swab.


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