Lavender Tea

If you like the fragrance of lavender, try a relaxing lavender tea. A natural muscle relaxer, lavender tea will work on your body as well as your taste buds, giving you some needed down time.

The addition of a few dried lavender flowers can elevate a tea break into a quick and effective aromatherapy session, but straight lavender can be harsh if you aren't used to it, so try this lavender blend to start.

Lavender Tea Recipe

1 teaspoon dried lavender flowers (English lavender)
1 tablespoon English Breakfast tea
a dash of fresh lemon
sugar or honey to taste

To prepare, pour two cups of boiling water over the tea leaves and lavender and allow to steep for five to ten minutes. Add lemon, strain, add sugar or honey to taste.

Special Note:

Before anyone corrects me, let me explain that 'tea' proper is made from the Camellia sinensis plant, and all other pretenders are actually infusions.

Lavender 'tea' is a popular name, and a tasty brew, once you get used to it. It really is relaxing, and works well to take the edge off a hectic day, or to help you get into a sleepy frame of mind at night. It's like Earl Gray tea in that it has a bit of a bite that's a surprise at first. Try it.

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1bluecanoe said...

Beautiful blog...thanks for showcasing my photography. Wanted to add a comment about drinking tea in the afternoon....having a short glass of port along with the tea is sumptious...I love Rombauer Port from Napa....pricey but perfect with tea.

Sara Elliott said...

Thank you.

Tea and port are definitely among the nicer things in life. . . oh, and lavender too.